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Wrocław Biofilm Symposium

Amyloidic origins of biofilms - from formation to dispersion.

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Monday (9-10-2017) 13:00 – 19:00
Tuesday (10-10-2017) 08:30 – 14:00


Faculty of Biotechnology
University of Wrocław
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 14a
50-383 Wrocław, Poland

About Wrocław Biofilm Symposium


Biofilm is an extracellular matrix consisting of proteins and polysaccharides that protects bacteria within from chemical and physical stress. Formed on biotic and abiotic surfaces, biofilm communities may function as infection agents or, due to the excessive growth, limit the functionality of medical or industrial equipment.

The goal of the Wrocław Biofilm Symposium is to connect scientists from different fields interested in various aspects of the biofilm-related research. The main topic of this meeting is especially the amyloid origin of biofilms and inhibition of the biofilm development.



Venue: Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wrocław

The Wrocław Biofilm Symposium takes place at the Faculty of Biotechnology of University of Wrocław. The address is Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 14a 50-383 Wrocław. The conference is located in the Room 1.05.

The Faculty of Biotechnology at University of Wrocław is one of the oldest and best biotechnology units in Poland. In 2013, the Faculty received the prestigious ministerial category A+ for its high level of research. It is also the leader of the consortium Wroclaw Centre for Biotechnology, which in 2014 was granted the status of the Leading National Research Centre, thereby gaining access to extensive funding until 2018. The Faculty employees conduct basic and applied research, in cooperation with industrial partners and other research centres, in the field of biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, microbiology, immunology, virology, cell biology and plant physiology. Our areas of expertise are especially related to protein engineering, molecular photosynthesis mechanisms, liposome technologies, cancer growth mechanisms, agricultural biotechnology and DNA evolution. The Faculty is also the seat of the editorial staff of an international journal Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters .


Scientific Committee

Małgorzata Kotulska
Paweł Mackiewicz

Organisational Committee

Michał Burdukiewicz

Monday (9-10-2017)

14:00Official opening
14:15Talk 1: Fredrik Almqvist
15:00Talk 2: Maciej Ugorski
15:35Talk 3: Peter Schierack
16:10Talk 4: Teodor Gotszalk
16:45Coffee break
17:05Talk 5: Małgorzata Kotulska
17:40Talk 6: Julita Kulbacka
18:15Talk 7: Beata Sobieszczańska
18:40Talk 8: Stefan Roediger
19:30Conference dinner

Tuesday (10-10-2017)

08:30Talk 9: Vytautas Smirnovas
09:05Talk 10: Michał Burdukiewicz
09:35Talk 11: Marlena Gąsior-Głogowska
10:00Talk 12: Witold Dyrka
10:25Talk 13: Paweł Wożniak
10:40Talk 14: Michał Gaworski
10:50Coffee break
11:10Talk 15: Natalia Niedzielska
11:25Talk 16 Marcin Łukaszewicz
12:00Talk 17 Marta Kopaczyńska


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Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Wrocław Center for Biotechnology Consortium
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Wrocław Research Centre EIT+
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